From Venice with love….. the peach bellini…..

Any time is the right time for a fresh white or yellow peach bellini
Any time is the right time for a fresh white or yellow peach bellini

The Bellini developed in Venice, had the original version made from fresh white peach juice and chilled Prosecco. I used my beautiful, succulent, yellow peaches that are sweet, juicy and the colour of a golden sun setting on the horizon of a hot summer’s night. The chilled peach juice was the deep colour of warm yellow orange tinged with pink. For a special treat add fresh raspberries to white peach juice to give a hint of blush to the drink. You will only need one or two raspberries per drink. White peaches are such a delicate, delicious fruit with a short season, this makes them special and deserving of much respect this short lived seasonal delicacy.

Serves 12

2 large peaches white or yellow

1-2 bottles of chilled Prosecco

Champagne flute or cocktail glasses

strawberries to serve

To make

Peel peaches and remove the stone

Blend until you have smooth juice. I used a nutri bullet but a blender or stick mixer is fine or you can squash them through a fine strainer. Strain the juice if you wish but I find the unstrained juice is fine.

Tip: I like to make my juice ahead and chill in the fridge for several hours. When using white peaches and making the juice ahead of time, I add the juice of half a lemon to prevent discolouration of the white peach juice.

To make: Pour one part juice into a cocktail or champagne glass and slowly pour in four parts chilled prosecco and serve with a slice of peach, mint leaves or strawberry for garnish

Tip: for a mocktail use mineral water instead of prosecco

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