Summer: A Peach Extravaganza Dinner: Menu


Menu for 12 people: gluten free

After the Christmas holidays summer in Australia is all about chilling out, heat, flies, thongs, escaping to the beach, rivers dams or swimming pools the beach and stone fruit washed down with a perfect Adelaide Hills Pinot Gris.
I am lucky enough to have a range of fruit trees in my backyard that I planted 10 years ago. The yellow peach is one of my favourites and the plump, perfect fruit tastes so amazing as the juice runs down your chin when you take a bite. The tree always crops heavily and I am happy to share and give many bags of the fruit away. Between Christmas and New Year on a hot summer’s night we set the tables outside and made a peachfest dinner with peaches in every course.


The menu for 12 people can be adjusted to suit any number by increasing or decreasing the quantity. At the end of the night, the plates, all empty and licked clean were a testament to success on all levels. Some people arrived with trepidation, curious as to how I would incorporate peaches in each course and left happy and satisfied by the wonderful fresh produce at this time of year.

One of my guests has Celiac disease and cannot have any gluten so the entire menu apart from a crusty loaf of sour dough bread for the other guests is gluten free.



Peach Bellini’s


Feta, White Bean, Spinach Dip with Toasted Pinenuts and Basil Pesto:  with gluten free crackers

Lemon, Garlic and Thyme Olives

Peach Slices wrapped in Prosciutto

Fresh Figs with Sheep Pecorino and Honey



Boned Rolled Chicken with Apricot and Pistachio Nut Stuffing

Hot Peach Wine Sauce with Red Currants

Roasted Medley of Root Vegetables

Iceberg Lettuce with Feta and Garlic Dressing


IMG_1672 Poached Peaches with Vanilla Yogurt

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