The supermarket shelves are emptied as fast as they are restocked with alternate milk or mylk products. Next time you reach for a carton…..stop…… read the label and think about making your own almond milk.

check labels for sugars, thickeners and preservatives

Just when 19seventiesgirl thought she had ditched enough of the processed foods, more surprises appear around the corner. Milk and I have never been a match made in heaven and from a health perspective, I feel so much better without it. I was the 70’s girl who made her own bread (occasionally), ate wholemeal, sprouted my own bean shoots, made yogurt, drank carrot juice and made my own muesli.

Somewhere in the 90’s and 21st century I lost the plot, eating much that was on offer and did not feel that fabulous because of it. It’s now time to turn back the clock on my habits and return to the basics with some of the new knowledge we now have on food and nutrition.

Trying to be in tune with your body and how we react to foods is not easy, a matter of trial and error over time and research. There is a lot of misinformation around about food and we are all biologically different. I use unhomogenised full cream milk for the grandchildren and they seem to be ok with it, as raw unpasteurised milk is not easily obtained and only recently became available under strict conditions.

I have been feeling very virtuous lately, making my almond or coconut milk smoothies, the cartons of milk look healthy, all decorated in earthy colours with words like organic, no thickeners and long use by dates of about 4-5 weeks. With 10% almonds and 5% brown rice syrup in the product I have been buying, it falls well short of fresh almond milk which has a 1:4 almond to water ratio and no sweetener and lasts 2-3 days in the fridge. One has to ask the question…..”what allows processed almond milk to last so long?”  Is it the added salt, sweeteners or are preservatives also added?

My gorgeous sister in law, Anne Marie, a recent convert to eating more plant foods in her diet and moving most grains along, alerted me to the ingredients in almond milk and is now making her own. I have been both informed and inspired by her detective like approach to fixing up her diet. Her body and health are quickly responding to her new regime and most importantly she feels amazing.

The process of making almond milk leaves a residue of ground nuts after the straining is done.I like to keep this almond residue and add to curries , smoothies or other dishes….. nothing wasted, is one of my kitchen mantras. If you are swilling down the almond milk smoothies and being very virtuous in your food choices but not loosing weight, it might just be the added sugars such as brown rice syrup and agave syrup or raw sugar that is the problem from commercially made non dairy milks.

19seventiesgirl x


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