The fruit bowl has held its significance throughout history and has been used for many a still life artist to draw inspiration from. It reflects  form, season and colours of the fruits in the bowl. I love a fruit bowl and have always had one, even it only contains lemons and limes in the really hot weather. Natures bounty is on display and there is no better time than autumn when the colours of the fruits mimic the changing season from the deep burgundy of the end of season grapes to pomegranates, quinces and persimmons.

The fruit bowl sits like a work of art, adorning a table or hall stand with telling tales of what is to come. The pomegranate seeds will be the jewel of many salads, rice and quinoa dishes. The quinces are cooked in a slow middle eastern tagine and the avocadoes ripening by the bananas can be cut open and eaten with a squeeze of lime or lemon juice.

The fruit bowl connects us with nature and the changing world around us.

It entices and encourages us to indulge in its contents….going for a walk, grab an apple or mandarin, cooking dinner, look at the fruit bowl for inspiration. I place the bowl where people are tempted and where it becomes part of the aesthetic of my home so I guess the fruit bowl is not that humble after all and stands adorned for us all to enjoy.
X 19seventiesgirl


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  1. Your Blog is close to my heart…I am also 1970 person..


    1. That’s great, welcome aboard. I hope you will find recipes here to inspire and delight.
      x 70’s girl

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      1. thanks. Why I am not able to visit the pae any more. Its showin error everytime I click.


      2. Just editing the about page, all done now


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