Winter sneezes, coughs and colds can be kept in check with this warming lemon, ginger tea. There are  lots of things we can do to keep ourselves healthy throughout the winter that are natural, cheap, easy to do and don’t involve multiple trips to the chemist shop, doctor or stockpiles of tissues.

Simple, uncomplicated changes to our daily lives can make all the difference to how we feel and our wellbeing. 19seventies girl has a cachet of winter drinks to share with you for the colder months. Make a pot of this to sip throughout the day and night, or put all the ingredients in a heat proof jar, take to work and add boiling water at work to make all your work mates envious and keep the winter germs at bay.

You need:

a tea pot

1 piece of fresh ginger about 3-4 cms long

2 lemons

1 big spoon of pure honey

Boiling water

To make:

Peel and slice the ginger

Cut lemons in half and juice

Place lemon juice, honey and ginger into teapot, pour over boiling water, sit for 5 minutes, leave ginger in the pot and drink throughout the day.

Note: for more zing add the zest of the lemon and zest of an orange or a pinch of cayenne pepper

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