This dessert will wow everyone’s socks off and it only takes 5 minutes to make.

Healthy, yummy and quick, a winning formula in the kitchen, this dessert ticks all the boxes. I make this for breakfast, snacks or as a dessert. No matter who eats this dessert the bowls are always licked clean. Sugar free and full of pure goodness it is the choice of gods. I have mine without honey or maple syrup but feel free to add some if you like.

Vary the fruits with the seasons, peaches, apricots, cherries, glazed apples or sliced banana and create your own combo. Life is an illusion, a big part of eating is sight, when food looks fresh and delicious we are drawn to it. Smell, texture, taste also come into the mix. So smell the strawberries, look at the crunch of coconut and almonds and taste  the burst of nature in a glass.

Cooks note: mise en place: a French cooking term for having everything in its place. This helps to keep an organised kitchen and an unflustered cook. Preparing all ingredients first, taking out the equipment you need and reading through a recipe will make cooking relaxing and fun as it should be. Put on some music, try and keep the bench space tidy and there will be less cleaning up at the end.

Cooks note:

4 glasses for serving

Frypan, preferably heavy based

Ingredients: prepare all ingredients first

600 gms natural full fat yogurt, I used a sheep yogurt, coconut or goat yogurt are also good

300 gms strawberries

8 passion fruit

1/2 cup toasted almonds, roughly chopped

1/2 cup  of shredded or flaked coconut

optional: 4 teaspoons of honey or maple syrup

To make

Wash the berries, remove the hulls and cut from the top down into quarters.

Cut the passionfruit in half and place the pulp in a mixing bowl.

Add the yogurt to the passion fruit

Add the honey or maple syrup if you wish and stir to mix.

Divide and spoon the yogurt mix into 4 glasses.

Layer berries on top of yogurt.

Heat the frypan on medium heat and dry fry the coconut until a golden brown, this takes a minute or two. Be careful as the coconut will quickly burn.

Toss coconut and almonds onto of the berries and “voila”, your work here is done!

Serves: 4

Bon appetite

X 70’s girl







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