WATER: make the ordinary extraordinary

Water, my drink of preference . Why…… because 60% of our body is water.

We all need it, a big part of us is made up of water and its always available. Sparkling or still, whether from the wildest snow capped mountains that feed pure melted snow into crystal clear streams or the gush from your kitchen tap, water is a necessity of life.

Pass up the soft drinks, diet drinks and sugar filled sticky cordials for a drink that is how nature intended it to be. I also talk in this blog about morning coffee, beautiful wines and a summer campari on ice….. all water based but clean unadulterated water is what the body needs most of. Find a balance and make good choices.

Add fresh mint, orange, lemon or lime slices, strawberries and ice to water to dress it or just go natural, its often the best way!

There is now a new kid on the block in my choice of bevvies and that is fermented kombucha. Tastes amazing, great for your gut , its quickly regaining popularity. I hope to have success making this and will share the process with you soon.

X 19seventiesgirl


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