Segmented grilled grapefruit salad

Be brave, be adventurous, whats in the fridge, the garden, herb pots and in the markets? There’s always more than lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber.Am I crazy, can I make a different salad every day for a year?  Full time study, zenning out in yoga , barre classes,  walking an over exuberant puppy and busy family……(aren’t they all though !!! ), I will give it my best shot. I am excited by the challenge and the health spin offs from plant foods, blog & Instagram…..19seventiesgirl.


Stay healthy, energetic and lean by upping  your fresh plant food. Share the love with the planet and yourself by reducing animal food intake.  Crunch and munch  a daily beautiful, delicious, fresh, seasonal, salad posted on 19seventiesgirl. Yes, that’s 365 salads coming your way.

Some will be simple, some a labour of love. Take a   food processor, mandolin, spiralizer,  zester,  a large wooden chopping board, sharp knife and a small serrated edge knife, now you’re ready. Follow 19seventiesgirl on instagram and here for daily salad posts, pics and recipes.


Spring asparagus, snow pea and roasted hazelnuts with hazelnut oil dressing

19seventiesgirl will feature salads by the season. Green paw paw, deep yellow mango, coriander and crispy fried shallots or the succulent pinks of watermelon, fresh green mint and red onion in summer. Roasted golden pumpkin, red pepper, and the deep winter hues of heirloom baby beetroot with  sliced persimmons and soft goat cheese or the deep red juices and crunch of pomegranate and roasted fresh walnuts in autumn. Follow in winter with blanched broccoli, nutty brown rice, lentils and orange tahini dressing or crunchy  red slaw, baby beet leaves with toasted seeds and nuts.  Burst into spring with baby dutch carrots roasted in honey and thyme or a crisp green leaf and avocado salad with blanched first picked baby butter beans and garlic dressing.

Quick fruit salad with fresh passion fruit yogurt

Here at the 70’s girl salad bar you will be spoilt for choices that will  make your body zing with joy. Live foods for live people.  With the winter solstice behind us and 8 weeks  of winter ahead lets shake things up in the kitchen and with our energy.



Winter slaw with ruby grapefruit segments

Soups and slow cooking are mandatory in my kitchen  during winter but a cleansing salad with the spoils of the season complete any meal. Dress most salads as you use them to prevent soggy salad syndrome. Team leftover salad with middle eastern turkey burgers boxed for lunch  the next day of simply add boiled eggs, a handful of roasted nuts or tuna.


19seventiesgirl brings salads as sides, warm and cold salads, paleo, vegetarian, vegan and salads as a meal, entree and dessert. Plant foods of all descriptions will hero the salads and they will be dressed to shine. Spread the love for yourself and those you share food with and your beauty will shine from within, just as natures master designer intended.

Bon appetite

X 70’s girl








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