Here for a good time or here for a good, long, healthy time? 19seventiesgirl likes clean eating for a healthy long life.

About the blog

This blog is about how I ate my way back to a healthy gut and combat insulin resistance by removing gluten and unfermented dairy from my diet. Eating myself back to good health is nothing new, as Hippocrates once said “leave your drugs in the chemist pot if you can heal the patient with food.”

I hope 19seventiesgirl helps others faced with insulin resistance and a leaky gut like me.  Changing diet and daily practices can be initially overwhelming.  However, anyone interested in healthy clean, eating, will also like the recipes and information included by 19seventiesgirl.

I researched and trialed various strategies and recipes to keep food delicious and interesting while, at the same time healing myself. My own health issues stem from undiagnosed food allergies, food intolerances and too many antibiotics. I eat and cook now from a large range of foods that also happen to be common in the diets of various cultural groups around the world with, long, disease free lives. More information can be found about the people, from the Blue Zones researcher Dan Buettner on his website.

Some foods that I had eaten all my life such as wheat, other gluten grains and dairy, are working against me. For most of my life, I ate a fresh, whole grain, diet with not much sugar, or processed foods and lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy and animal foods. However, now, to heal a leaky gut and reverse insulin resistance, I have taken some foods out of my diet such as gluten, unfermented dairy, sugar, additives and preservatives.

This style of eating,  often referred to as clean eating, is gaining popularity across the western world. I suspect this is due to a range of ailments that can be prevented, reduced and alleviated by reducing and eliminating inflammatory foods. For me, the benefits have been enormous. You will find my recipes are nutritionally balanced using a broad range of plant foods and a small amount of animal foods.

Rethinking how I eat and new daily rituals in the second half of my life has been challenging but definitely worthwhile.   Genetics and unfortunate health instances aside, there is much we can individually do better, to take care of our own well being.

As we get older our misspent youth comes back to haunt us. Fast foods, too much food, too much alcohol, sugar, sun, cigarettes, lack of exercise and too many antibiotics can all wreak havoc as we age. Luckily, our bodies can be very forgiving and small changes can reap huge benefits to our health, wellbeing and lifestyle. When we make a decision to turn the corner and treat our bodies with the things they need, the changes can often happen relatively quickly.

At the end of the day, we all have one body that carries us through life. How we feel each day and how well we live and perform, directly relates to our health. The food, drinks, exercise and lifestyle we choose impacts daily on our body. The maths is not hard…..rubbish in equals rubbish out. There is no human body replacement that we can buy when this one starts to malfunction, so the best option is to take care of the one we have.  Food is meant to be enjoyed and shared and forms a big part of everyday life and culture. It was important to me that the food I cooked was still interesting, delicious and enticing.

My recipes follow the four seasons of a Mediterranean climate in Adelaide, situated in the southern hemisphere of, South Australia.  I shop and cook to support local fresh food suppliers and also use foods such as herbs, fruits and vegetables from my kitchen garden. I cook and eat to a new formula that is, plant based, using fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, pseudo grains, olive and coconut oils, herbs and spices with small amounts of fish, poultry and eggs. Reducing our intake of animal foods is not only good for us; it’s also good for the environment. Increasing fresh plant foods into your diet will increase your health and wellbeing no matter what your health status.

Join me and I guarantee that once you start cooking and eating fresh healthy food, the alternative is not worth thinking about.

 About me

For over 30 years, I taught high school kids and adults how to cook and understand the role of nutrition on good health.  I know what tastes good, how to combine foods to bring out maximum flavour and how to make a recipe easy to follow. I know what’s healthy, I know what’s not!  As a former working Mum I understand  daily demands that we face and how important it is, to make the effort to feed you and your family well, so that everyone thrives.

I taught teenagers in many different demographics,  with kids who were given money for breakfast, lunch and dinner to buy fast food and junk food and who often came to school with large family size bottles of coke a cola and a packet of potato crisps for breakfast. I worked with kids who bought healthy packed lunches to school and I worked in schools with breakfast programs for undernourished kids. I first saw high school students being medically treated for diabetes type two and obesity related issues in the early 1990’s. Therefore, my own food related health issues caused primarily through too many antibiotics, came as a shock as I always thought I was making healthy choices.

My grandchildren,  often, come for sleepovers.  As a treat, they can choose what they would like for dinner. I am always taken aback by their choices…. they never want to go out when I suggest it, instead opting for dishes they have eaten over the years at family gatherings at our table. They help in the kitchen and have stood on small step ladders when little to reach the bench so they can chop and stir. I try to instill in them, cooking and eating healthily as fun and the importance of making best choices with food most of the time.

My passion for health and wellbeing led me into government policy work, developing and implementing nutrition policy and healthy eating guidelines for schools and preschools in my state for the prevention and alleviation of obesity and diabetes in children 4-18 years old. This policy led to changes in our schools with things such as fruit time; water only policy, school kitchen gardens, cooking skills, food knowledge and healthy school canteen guidelines now in all public schools and some private schools. I helped instigate the removal of soft drinks from all public primary school canteens in my state as a result of my advisory process for this school policy.

This blog is my small contribution to the planet to continue my work sharing healthy recipes with simple steps that are now gluten, unfermented dairy and sugar free as I too, come to terms with the complexity of diet and health.My cooking style has continually evolved and changed over the years as I try to keep abreast of how food impacts upon our wellbeing. As the years roll by I want to stay healthy, strong, drug free and full of vitality.

With healthy fast becoming the new wealth its good to know that individually we have enormous personal power in the choices we make. A little knowledge and understanding can go a long way but ultimately it is up to us. So join me, as we journey along a wellness paradigm, for a future of health and happiness.

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