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19seventiesgirl reflects a simpler, healthier, more  relaxed time. In this blog I bring balance and fun to the everyday necessity of eating.  Plant food and nurturing the planet are high on my agenda,  many recipes on this blog are vegan or vegetarian with occasional organic meat and fish dishes. Take more control of you eat by planting, picking, preparing and sharing your bounty, by returning to a life when the back yard was a food bowl or join a communal garden plot.  Shop at  food markets, loaded with local, seasonal, fresh, delicious,  produce. These are the foods that become the centerpieces of my cooking and the evidenced based, Mediterranean healthy eating plan is my guide to menu planning.

Be adventurous, the plant world has so much on offer with fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, seeds and nuts.  Try local, seasonal foods, learning how to prepare and cook them; think artichokes, sweet potatoes, hemp seeds, pomegranates, figs, purple carrots, different mushrooms, saffron, endive,  fresh basil and fennel. Eat with the seasons, stay local with ingredients and grow what you can, your body will thank you and so will the planet. Reduce animal foods to a minimum,  sourcing organic and pasture fed products.  Be a savvy consumer and minimize or eliminate plastic when you shop  and become an eco warrior while still serving the most delicious dishes. When you stop to smell the rosemary, give some thought to food miles and the amount of energy needed to produce processed foods and animal products, be mindful of the food choices you make.

I loved teaching nutrition, cooking and hospitality to high school students and adults for most of my career, giving lifelong skills for a sustainable, healthy life at every stage. After teaching, I undertook  policy work with the  education and health departments in my state, to alleviate and prevent obesity and diabetes for all school age children in South Australia. Now, at 64, I’m nearing the end of my studies for a Masters in Human Nutrition, giving me a chance to reflect on all the changes that food, cooking and diet has undertaken in recent decades. Clinical trials and research, bring ongoing developments and information on how to live a healthy life with  well informed, nutritional choices to select the plethora of micro and macro nutrients available in our food.  The world is embroiled in an obesity epidemic with a long list of associated lifestyle diseases such as cardio vascular diseases, various cancers, Type 2 Diabetes and a plethora of other obesity related illnesses .  Its time for the world to think about how we live,  the choices we make with food,  exercise and how we take care of the world we live in.

With my own children,  five grandchildren and a food driven career path,  much time has been spent cooking, feeding, sharing and eating. In the seventies and eighties, I was a huge plant eater and never felt better,  in the last few years I have returned to a plant based diet and once again notice a natural levelling of weight, amazing energy, better sleep and daily zing. This is what I want to share in my blog.

The blogs speak of fresh simplicity with some sage tips along the way to bring beautiful delicious dishes to feed and nourish yourself and those you cook for. Nourish your temple well and your temple with take care of you for life! Take care of the planet and it will restore itself and be bountiful for future generations. We are all in this together and a shared responsibility is the only way forward. High plant based diets are more sustainable for you and the planet, so start cooking! 

X 19seventiesgirl