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We have access to more food and food knowledge than any time in history but we live in a world full of lifestyle illnesses, linked to poor food and drink choices. My blog uses recipes that will give you vibrant health to prevent lifestyle illnesses with “can do” recipes and healthy, yummy food to enhance your wellbeing for life.

Welcome to my blog,  I am 19seventiesgirl and I choose good health, happiness and optimism every day. I was in my late teens and twenties during the 70’s, a time of revolution in food, music and culture. It was the time I began my career in food. I was into carrot juice, anti sugar and generally ate a really healthy diet. I  worked hard but life seemed more carefree, healthy, happy and simplistic. I worked full time in middle management, my children were in child care and I made my own baby food and put healthy meals on the table each night. I did yoga, went to the gym and we camped our way around Australia with our children during the holidays.

I taught teenagers and adults how to cook, working in many different demographics. I worked with kids who were given money for breakfast, lunch and dinner to buy fast, junk food and who often came to school with two  litre bottles of coke and a packet chips for breakfast. I worked with kids who bought healthy packed lunches to school and I worked in schools with breakfast programs for undernourished kids. I first saw high school students being medically treated for diabetes type two and obesity related issues in the early 1990’s.

At the end of the day, we all have one body that carries us through life. How we feel each day and how well we live and perform, directly relates to our health and the food and drinks we choose. The maths is not hard…..rubbish in equals rubbish out. There is no human body replacement that we can buy when this one starts to malfunction, so the best option is to take care of the one we have. The blog uses everyday foods, easily attainable and delicious. I have seen fads come and go, along with the extremely expensive health fads and the plethora of unsustainable diets. These diets are often extreme and unsustainable. Food is meant to be enjoyed, shared and a big part of everyday life.

A diet is the sum total of what you choose to eat. This blog will give you healthy every day foods and recipes,  easy to make, with amazing flavours to keep you healthy.  Follow me and I will show you how to cook for your family. Yes, it takes a little effort and planning as do all things worthwhile in life. Take some time and you and your family will reap the benefits. Living like this will be cheaper on many levels including monetary, health costs, and your ability to be able to perform and function. Taking control of your food intake helps you take control back of your life.

I  bring back “simple” to the everyday, home cooking with easy to follow recipes that are clean, delicious and healthy. Take time in this busy world for the important things like healthy eating and  your body will quickly reap the rewards. Cooking and understanding food, how to shop for food and knowing your way around the kitchen are basic necessities and skills for a healthy life. The blog is divided into categories including breakfast, lunches, dinners, salads, vegetables, drinks, desserts, children and basics. Most recipes are child friendly, the children’s category has the plainer, simpler dishes for fussy eaters or younger children. My recipes follow the four seasons of the southern hemisphere, I shop local and try to support local fresh food suppliers and use foods from my kitchen garden.

My recipes are heavily plant based using fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, pseudo grains, olive and coconut oils, herbs and spices with small amounts of fish, poultry, red meat and eggs. Reducing our intake of animal foods is not only good for us, it’s also good for the environment. Increasing fresh plant foods into your diet will increase your health.

Join me in the kitchen, put yourself and your family first, give it a whirl, once you start cooking and eating fresh healthy food, the alternative is not worth thinking about.

About me

For over 30 years I taught high school kids and adults how to cook and understand the role of nutrition for good health.  I know what tastes good, how to combine foods to bring out maximum flavours and how to make a recipe easy to follow. I know what’s healthy, I know what’s not!  As a former working Mum I understand the daily demands we all face and how important it is, to make the effort to feed you and your family well, so that everyone thrives.

My grandchildren, who range from 2-12 often come for sleepovers.  As a treat, they get to choose what they would like for dinner. I am always taken aback by their choices…. they never want to go out when I suggest it, instead opting for dishes they have eaten over the years at family gatherings at our table. They often help in the kitchen and have stood on small step ladders to reach the bench when they were small.

Involving children in food shopping, food hygiene, setting the table, cooking and kitchen gardens helps to skill them for their future as independent adults.

My passion for health and wellbeing led me into government policy work to develop and implement nutrition policy and healthy eating guidelines for schools and preschools in my state to prevent and alleviate obesity and diabetes in children 4-18 years old. This has led to changes in our schools with things such as fruit time,  water only policy, school kitchen gardens, cooking skills, food knowledge and healthy school canteen guidelines now rolled across the state in public schools and some privates schools.  I saw soft drinks removed from all public primary school canteens in my state as a result of my advisory process for this policy, however there is still a long way to go with many private schools still selling donuts, soft drink, lollies and foods full of trans fats to raise extra money.

This blog is my small contribution to the planet to continue my work sharing healthy recipes with simple steps and food knowledge.   I have leant how to speed up a good dish in the kitchen with several sharp knives from small to large, a stock pot, heavy based saucepans and fry frypan, a zester, big chopping board, food processor, wooden spoons and a stick mixer. Shop fresh and cook from scratch and you are well on your way to cleaning up your diet. Take time to learn about foods, where they come from, what they contain and where to source the best fresh produce.

My cooking style has continually evolved and changed over the years but healthy food remains a constant. As the years roll by I want to stay healthy, strong, drug free and full of vitality. I know that the  best investment I can ever make is to take charge of my own wellbeing and the health of those I cook for. So join me, as we journey along a wellness paradigm that leads to a great future of health, wellbeing and happiness.

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